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The following table summarizes acquisitions made by Cisco Systems for fiscal year 2000.  Journalists using this table may confirm the data using the following links to Cisco's web site.

1)  For acquisitions made using the purchase method refer to the quarterly earnings release, for which the following link is a good example.  Each quarterly earnings release located in with the"financial news releases" identifies companies acquired using the purchase method including the total amount paid and related R&D write-offs.
2)  Companies acquired using the pooling method are also identified in the same financial news release noted above yet the financial information is not provided.  It can be obtained however by visiting the acquisition summary on Cisco's web site and selecting the particular company.  Note that the summary below is reconciled to the quarterly financial news release and represents companies for which the transaction was completed during the quarter.  It does not reconcile to announced mergers.

Cisco Systems Acquisitions ($ Millions)
    Purchase  Pooling
  Stock R&D Stock
Company Acquired Issued ($) Write-Off ($) Issued ($)
Fiscal 2000 Q4      
Arrowpoint-Pooling     5,700
Info Gear-Pooling     301
Sightpath-Pooling     800
Subtotal Pooling Q4     6,801
Alantech Tech-Purchase      
Jetcell Inc-Purchase      
PentaCom Ltd-Purchase      
Qeyton Systems-Purchase      
Seagul Semi-Purchase      
Subtotal Purchase Q4 1,390 461  
Fiscal 2000 Q3      
Altiga Networks & Compatible      
Systems - Both Pooling     567
Growth Networks-Pooling     355
Subtotal Pooling Q3     922
Subtotal Purchase Q3 2,850 488  
Fiscal 2000 Q2      
Cerent-Pooling     6,900
V-Bits-Pooling     128
Webline Comm-Pooling     325
Subtotal Pooling Q2     7,353
Cal Internet Engin-Purchase      
Tasmania Networks-Purchase      
Worldwide Systems-Purchase      
Subtotal Purchase Q2 135 43  
Fiscal 2000 Q1      
Stratum One-Pooling     435
Transmedia-Pooling     407
Cocom A/S-Pooling     65
Subtotal Pooling Q1     907
Monterrey Networks-Purchase      
MaxComm Tech-Purchase      
Subtotal Purchase Q1 590 381  
Fiscal 2000 Total 4,965 1,373 15,983

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