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Updated December 3, 2000

The following links pertain to the three primary original reports detailing financial practices at Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Citigroup.  It is remarkable, and perhaps the most unreported story in the business media, that Citigroup could effectively unplug the new economy.

Included in both the Citigroup and Cisco Systems reports are numerous outside links so that you can easily verify the content.  Although not copyrighted, attribution is very much appreciated and it does help me justify posting this research on the web at no cost.

Although the Microsoft and Cisco work have been widely reported in the press, the Citigroup report is probably the best place to begin, working back to reading the Cisco Systems and Microsoft work, both of which have later updates in the press archive.

27-Nov-2000: Citigroup Merger Scheme Disables Microsoft and Unplugs New Economy
22-Sept-2000: Cisco Systems Watered Stock Scheme
18-Nov-1999: Microsoft Financial Pyramid Scheme

Also very helpful is the  Watered stock definition and purpose of this research.

Media organizations that have featured Parish & Company research include the following:  Zacks, NY Times, The Register, Bild in Germany, Independent in UK, Wall St. Journal, Barrons, Christian Science Monitor, AP, Reuters, SF Chronicle, Spotlight, San Jose Mercury News, Oregonian, Ziff Davis,, Willamette Week,, Motley Fool, Upside Today, ABC News, Newsweek, Fleet Street Letter, Valley Times and NPR.

Parish & Company has three principal goals associated with reform in the capital markets.  These include repealing the pooling loophole for mergers, including stock option wages as a charge to earnings if the company takes a tax deduciton for such wages and finally including these same stock option wages in the Employment Cost Index or ECI.

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